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Tennis Match Play

TennisMatchPlay welcome all Tennis Players from all countries world-wide to participate in Match Play
Be ready we are launching soon!

Play Tennis Match when you want, with whom you want and take part in Match Play Championship with Final in Dubai 2016!

TennisMatchPlay is a copy of the old and very popular GolfPlayersClub that received 10 point out of 10 possible in Internet World adjusted to Tennis.

This is how it works:

  1. Register for a free Membership in www.TennisMatchPlay.com
  2. Search for Tennis Players to challenge for a Match of Tennis
  3. If no interesting Tennis Players are available, ask your Tennis Friends to register
  4. Challenge Tennis Player for a Match in chosen Tennis Club at a certain Time
  5. If accepted, meet at Tennis Club at chosen Time and Play the Match
  6. Register the Result in www.TennisMatchPlay.com
  7. The Winner pay $9 in Registration Fee, the Looser confirms and pay coffee or beer
  8. The $9 will contribute and pay for Tennis Fees in Championship in January 2016
  9. Winner gets 3 points and Looser gets 1 point and both climb on the Leader Board
  10. When reaching certain points, our Sponsors will give out Sponsor Gifts
  11. Sponsor Gifts are various items up to Championship in Dubai

This service will start mid-March 2015 and for further information, please register your e-mail and we will send information when service will start, welcome!