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Safety Tips

Well natured people

Please, never forget safety precautions even though it is expected that ActivityDate.com Members are good-natured persons. In case you find rudeness, impolite behavior, bad language or other signs of warning, please, do not continue the contact and report to us.


If you want to arrange a meeting with another member, make sure you talk to the person and see them act online before your meeting. You can do it by phone, Skype or similar. It is important to make sure that it is the same person you later see when you meet. In case another person later appears, stop the contact.


Never send money to another member for any reason, until you really get to know them and feel comfortable. Please understand that fraud is common on the Internet.


Make sure that you and persons close to you know your plans:

  1. Travel schedule and transportation details
  2. Details of where you are staying, address, telephone number
  3. Person that you are meeting; name, address, telephone number 
  4. Inform yourself about the closest Embassy or Consulate
  5. Make sure that your telephone is working in the area where you are travelling
  6. If another person is welcoming you than the one you talked to and seen, STOP!
  7. Make sure that you have enough money to return back
  8. Once you have arrived, please, call person close to you

Bad behavior

Being on ActivityDate.com should a fun and interesting way of creating friends worldwide. Be proud of yourself and do not accept bad behavior for any reason; race, politics, sexual preferences, etc. Report bad behavior to us report@activitydate.com


Do not accept criminal behavior, report to local police.

ActivityDate cannot take responsibility

ActivityDate is only a platform for enabling contact among its members. ActivityDate cannot and will not take any responsibility for activities happening among its Members.


  1. We will actively monitor the web page 24/7
  2. We will verify all women registering Membership on the web page 
  3. We will verify all men registering Membership on the web page
  4. We will act on reports of bad behavior from our Members 
  5. We welcome initiatives to improve the web page including safety suggestions

You will find further information in Terms and Conditions.


Questions? Please feel free to contact us at info@activitydate.com.