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Girl Power, thank you!


Excellent web pages!

Riga - Mentoring and Scholarships

The jury has chosen a Girl for this award and has given the following motivation:

  • Challenges – She has met many challenges in life and solved them, it has made her grow and expand her comfort zones.
  • Entrepreneurship – She has shown a true entrepreneurship and helped start to develop a company and create new jobs in a time when jobs really are needed.
  • International – She has brought people from various countries and continents together that will increase understanding and friendships among people.
  • New Development – She has helped created a new web service that combines Technology with Real Life.
  • Social Events – She has marketed her city, Riga, with great proudness, created a hugh network of Members and invited us here tonight; “A Date with Riga” offering Sport, Culture, Business, Gala Dinner and Dance that will make people meet and have “Style and Pleasure”.


Announcement of reward