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Presentation and Conversation

Attractive Presentation

Make sure to make an attractive presentation for successful result. Ask yourself what could attract other people and do a presentation accordingly.

  1. Fill in the preset information of yourself
  2. Make sure that you make an interesting and well written presentation of yourself
  3. Upload interesting photos of yourself in different situations
  4. Do not be shy, tell your preferences for parties, travel, or other meetings
  5. If you have a talent, others would like to know that so tell them


Interesting Conversation

Start conversation in an interesting way, the first words can decided if you get interest from the other person. Here are some tips:

  1. Read the other persons presentation and focus on something that you find interesting
  2. Try to find out about common interests like travel, sport, hobbies, business, etc.
  3. All people like compliments, but they shall be honest
  4. Avoid talking about politics, religion and money before you know each other
  5. No talking about negative things in case it is not necessary
  6. Be yourself, trying to play a role will fail in the long run
  7. Do not talk too much about yourself, you have already made a great web-presentation
  8. Focus on showing interest in the other person
  9. Wait being too personal before you know each other a bit


Do not waste other person’s time by start using Skype before you really have a genuine interest in the other person.