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Founder’s Letter

Founder’s Letter

This is my Internet background

First some words about my background. I have started many companies but in the year 1985 I started a company with the Swedish organizational number 556249-1786, for a strange reason my lucky number was 1786 at that moment. Year 1996 this company changed name and became Venture Capital World and did one of the first IPO’s for an Internet company in Europe www.vcw.se and the company later bought Nordnet and changed name to Nordnet www.Nordnet.se one of the leading Internet banks in the Nordic countries.

My experiences on the web lead me to start more Internet companies, I am a serial entrepreneur. One of them was GolfPlayersClub, like a Facebook for golfers but long before Facebook, you challenge other golfers for a game of golf on the web, meet in reality and play the match, the winner gets three points and the loser gets one point and they climb on a leader board. Our sponsors gave lots of prizes to the best and each year the 48 best were invited to Championship for one week; Spain, Portugal, Florida, etc. We were probably the biggest golf club on the Internet at that time and the magazine Internet World gave us 10 points out of 10 possible.


When the finance crises came year 2000, we choose to close down most Internet activities and focus on other investments and speculations. Every month since then people have contacted me wishing a restart of the golf club.


In the summer year 2012 when I was staying in my day cruiser and relaxed, I asked one of my daughters if she could send me some pictures of herself. She answered that I should go to Facebook like all other people. When registering on Facebook a lot of advertisements for dating popped up and I studied some of them. After a while I started to date in London, Vienna, Dubai, Paris, Riga and Goteborg. My experiences lead me to the conclusion that the best dates are those when you date and do an activity to get to know each other like in the old GolfPlayersClub and I started to interview thousands of persons about what they would like to do on a date; Gala Dinners, Travel, Business, Sports, Shopping, Culture, Sight Seeing, etc. That led me to develop ActivityDate.


Welcome to my world!

ActivityDate will in the start offer following services;

-       Gala Days in metropolis globally including sport activities, sight-seeing, culture, open business bar to get local contacts, gala dinner with entertainment and dance. Members pick activities that interest them and get to know a new city and local people.

-       Travel companion

-       Meeting at destination

-       Welcome travelers to your town

-       Golf Match Play for individual matches and tournaments and a copy for Tennis Match Play

-       More activity dating’s of various kinds will be started on demand from our members in case enough members support the activity.


We support young talents

One other item that has interested me is to support young talented girls in their education and I have been mentor for a handful of successful ladies. My old friend in California has started schools in more than 40 countries and he will support this activity. Therefor this web site will support young and talented women that want to develop their skills. The Mentor Academy will give Scholarships at each Gala Dinner.


Work with us!

I am a creator of ideas, but people with other skills are more suited for the daily work. We aim at having a priority to recruit among our members.


Register and create good karma!

We welcome open minded and tolerant members of all races and religions that want to create quality meetings, but we are not naive and know that within every community there will be people that create bad karma and welcome you to report to us so that we can delete those members.


Thank you for your attention, please register and enjoy the services!



Yours sincerely