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Girl Power, thank you!

Zane J

Great support!

About Us

Who are behind ActivtyDate.com?

Working for ActivityDate is an experienced number of entrepreneurs:

  • from various business areas
  • from various countries and continents 
  • starting web companies since year 1996, first company 556249-1687 is Nordnet AB (publ) today

We invite entrepreneurs from all over the world to join and Work with us.

ActivityDate is among the first online dating services to merge dating with activities in order to meet under relaxed circumstances get to know each other, doing interesting and funny things together like gala dinners, dance, travel, sport, sight- seeing, cultures and business. It will be a natural and easy way to get to know each other.

This web page started in March 2014, so please allow some months for it to get established.

Once we have established a huge database world-wide it will be easy to find interesting people in a short time.

ActivityDate aim at keeping a high quality service and we encourage members to have a liberal, open and honest mind to create good karma.

Please report bad behavior to us and criminality to local police.

If you want to say something to us, visit Contact Us page.