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Girl Power, thank you!

kwagala sharon

Thank’s to Uganda!


Silvian DriverGuide Bucharest specializes in private drive tours for small groups, families, business travelers. Travelers will have their own flexible guided tour, with quality and flexibility not found in group tours. With 8 years experienced as a company driver, I am ready to customize my business to meet your needs from a Driver/Guide.

Now in my 30s, a healthy respect for people and a sense of living well is key to a successful business. I believe that being honest and direct are important aspects of running a business.  I connect well with people from all over the world and enjoy traveling and meeting people.   My dream is to have my new business up and running with the next 3 months.  Your assistance in creating this endeavor will be greatly appreciated. This is the link ! God bless all people who will help me and give me this push from back !