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Girl Power, thank you!


Girl Power!

Are you free to travel long weekend next week ? Colombo is Calling!

Are you free to travel for a long weekend on New Year’s Eve? I would like to invite you now to our Casino venue in Sri Lanka, it’s the front runner casino in Colombo - we offer many programs for the players willing to come for a stay min. 3 to 5 nights - you are able to choose from Silver, Golden & Platinum package.
Silver Package: 10.000$BUY-IN/ deposit
Golden Package: 20.000$BUY-IN / deposit
Platinum Package: 50.000$ BUY-IN / deposit
We are offering our clients the following such as:
1. Tickets ( our policy states that any new player should booked his own ticket at first , later when we have a history on the player the company will provide this service, the ticket will be refunded in chips.
2. Rooms/ suites all depending on Package or pre deposits or deposits upon arrival.
3. Transportation from and to the airport -available also during the day for VIP players
4. Our hotels and casino is all inclusive
5. Minimum stay 3days- max. stays 6days
6. 10% rebate on losses
7. 1/2 day city tour

Don’t forget to make your booking on time.Look forward to hear from you soon!
Kind Regards,
Casino VIP tours
Mobile : +36702757019(whatsapp too )