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Gala Day "A Date with Riga", Saturday, May 31, 2014

Riga, Latvia

The morning Golf Match, Cultural Activities and Sightseeing at midday, an afternoon Open Business Bar focusing on "Cost Effective Web Production in Riga", an evening Gala Dinner with Entertainment and Dancing. For full program download PDF.

Look back on Gala day "A Date with Riga" 

First Gala dinner took place at the restaurant "Biblioteka No. 1." on May 31 in Riga. Giving joy to nearly 130 guests, the evening was opened with a romantic sand cinema story, later the visitors struck the bartender show. But the main event of the evening was the show from charming singer Samantha Tina appearances. The masters of ceremony were Lauris Reiniks and Alexander Kurusova whoes charm and humor gave a special atmosphere during the evening.

Read more about event in Latvian "Vai esi kādreiz devies uz randiņu ar pilsētu? Tas noteikti ir tā vērts!"

Or in magazines "Kas jauns" and "Otkrito" (click on images to enlarge them). 

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